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Radiators Cleaver R3 GOL

Radiators Cleaver
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Burlington Radiators Cleaver R3 GOL Radiators Cleaver R3 GOL

Lejuplādēt specifikāciju: R3 GOL

  • Krāsa: Zelts
  • Produkta tips: Traditional
  • Materiāls: Tērauds
  • Kopējais augstums: 72cm
  • Izmērs:  642 x 235 x 720 mm 
  • Svars: 5.5 kg
  • Šiftkods: R3 CHR (5055806005884) 

Papildus informācija:

  • 677mm High x600mm Wide.32mm tubes.
  • Output:839BTUs/206 watts (△T=50℃)
  • Distance from wall to the rail is 110mm.
  • Fill the radiator approximately 90% (2.0L) with a water mixture if the radiator is to be used for electric heating only (not connected to a central heating system)
  • Includes all brackets and fixings.
  • High quality Hroma finish.
  • Valves are required- These are not included.
  • Designed to be plumbed into your central heating system.
  • Operating pressure up to 8 bar.(Certified by BEN N.L)
  • Maximum working temperature:95℃
  • 440mm plumbing pipe centers
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