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Термостат Severn с двумя выводами VF3S

Термостат Severn с двумя выводами VF3S 9 inch shower head 12 inch shower head
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Burlington Термостат Severn с двумя выводами VF3S Термостат Severn с двумя выводами VF3S

Техническая информация: 6 дюймовым душем  9 дюймовым душем  12 дюймовым душем

  • Отделка: Хромированный
  • Стиль: Традиционный
  • Вес: 7.8 кг
  • Штрих-код: V60 (5055806013759),VF3S (5055806015449) 
  • Материал: Латунь

Дополнительная информация:

  • Традиционный brass faceplate, Claremont handle, with ceramic levers
  • Wall outlet, and 1500mm shower hose
  • Adjustable wall bracket, and handset with ceramic handle
  • 390mm adjustable fixed shower arm
  • 6" AirBurst shower head
  • Image shown is with 6 дюймовым душем rose.


You can rub off limescale in an instant

With Burlington's EasyClean technology you can easily remove limescale.

Simply rub your fingers over the silicon nipples - and the limescale is removed.

The nipples also help direct the water in the correct direction, not sideways!

This results in a clean showerhead, delivering the experience it is designed to do… for years to come
More power, less water… Water saving without ruining your shower!
All our fixed shower heads have AirBurst built in
Air is forced into the water flow through a hole in the under-surface of the shower head. Water and air mix, this mixture spins around causing turbulence which increases the pressure inside the shower head. The water passes out of the shower head with the power of a Традиционный shower - so you do not feel any difference… except you can save up the 33% of water (and save up to 33% in energy costs to heat your shower water!)
Save our planet with Burlington
Every drop counts.
We will help you to save water, energy and money.
Innovative products using state of the art technology.
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